FAQ Entertainment Agency

How much would it cost to book an act?

The cost for each act varies. If you email us with a date, the type of act required and performance times we will send you a quotation.

If you need further advice or would like to talk with someone, please contact us via our online form, or call Tony Littley directly on 01622 675893 or 07778 288634. We answer our phones, so no selecting numbers or taped voices! We will be more than happy to discuss the best options for quality and price.

Can you supply photos or posters to promote an event?

If you need to advertise the event we will supply photos or posters at no additional cost. We have photos of all our acts.

How do you collect payment?

Payment can be made on the night in cash or you can arrange to pay the agency directly. Deposits are required for all private bookings.

What happens if I need to cancel?

A contract is issued for each booking. The cancellation policy is explained in detail on the contract.