LandSlide Country Band...

The fabulous "Magnificent 7" LandSlide band are cleaning up your town, bringing back law and order to your ears with pure country music. Load up on ammo; saddle up the team of horses; call out the Sheriff and posse and get on your band wagon to hear this newly formed Country Band, based in Kent called LandSlide.

This Magnificent 7 line up with members from Crispian St. Peter's old backing band is in town and country rocking at saloons near you Music from the 1950's, 60's, 70's ,80's 90's to present day Country with a few rock and roll tunes thrown in for good measure. With some smooth vocal tones from the Lead Vocalists Margaret Rose & Gary Brewood, the band gently eases you into a country mood everytime. With music this good, the Sheriff and Deputy will be doing a shindig too.

The band has performed a few gigs already, causing major sensations in Country circles. The line up consists of:- Lead Male Vocals / Rhythm Guitar; Lead Female Vocals, Pedal Steel, Lead Guitar, Pia

Soundclips Coming Soon

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