Mariah Carey Tribute

Mariah Carey Tribute...

Emily is a sensational Mariah Carey tribute. Her amazing vocal talent, flexibility and effortless tone leave a lasting impression and have blown her audiences away time after time. She grew up a big Mariah fan and spent many hours singing song after song mastering the singer’s outstanding technique.

You’ll be amazed at Emily’s four and a half octave range enabling her to perform any Mariah song with ease. Not only does her voice sound almost identical to the singing superstar, she also resembles Mariah in personality, dress and stage presence. Emily performs a string of ‘Mariah’ hits ranging from ‘Vision of love’ and ‘Hero’ through to the classics of ‘Fantasy’, ‘Honey’ & ‘All I want for Christmas is you’!

Amazingly, Emily has even recently been endorsed by the real Mariah herself!


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